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Descrições do Produto Breakfast is, for the Brazilian, an extremely important meal. The Brazilian breakfast is extremely varied and can be made of freshly baked rolls, cake, pies, toast, jam, fruits, cheese rolls, besides the traditional cup of strong coffee. Breakfast at the Capim Santo lodge is a banquet for all the senses and, in this book, you will learn how to prepare these very recipes. Sumário: "queijadinhas" (traditional sweet with eggs and coconut); lazy apple pie; "bom-bocado" with corn flour; white chocola te brownie with macadamia nuts; apple cake; rabanadas (sweet french toasts); tapioca cake; passion fruit and coconut muffin; poppy seed cake; cinnamon rolls; lime cake; coffee cake; guava pastries; carrot cake; heart of palm "empada" (traditional small pie); banana cake; cheese quiche; sweet tapioca fried dumplings.